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[QUOTE=mottled dove;4964734]I want TRUTH more than a YES. If NO is the truth, however it may manifest itself, then I want it.[/QUOTE]
Which is why I think you should act now, ;)

[QUOTE=mottled dove;4964734]If you don't mind me asking, why did you fall out with her to the point the friendship was lost?[/QUOTE]
Well it was really stupid actually. We'd been hanging out on a regular basis and during this time I completely fell for her. One day we kinda sorta had a "conversation" and I kinda sorta asked her, "well, why not me??". She said "I was a really great guy, not overly nice, that I challenged her but.....". She realized that I liked her then and she didn't feel the same. She avoided me for 3 months after that day. During that time I was so disappointed that I took her off my facebook as part of my effort to move on and forget her. She came back and we hung out again. Soon after she realized that I took her off my facebook and she confronted me (FB again, surprise!!). I said that I thought she wanted nothing to do with me so there's no point in having someone on my FB if they don't want to be friends. She misuderstood me, and without giving me a chance to explain, said that we shouldn't be friends from that point on. Luckily for me, by then I'd begun hanging out with the girl that would become my gf for the next couple of epic yrs so it was easier to let her go. In my case, deep down I think I KNEW she wasn't interested in me so I guess that was why I never told her anything sooner; I knew it wouldn't have made a difference.

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