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This is about my girlfriend of long distance relationship... We met twice (no physical contact), fell strongly in love, i went to another country and we are supposed to marry in next 1 year. But i am very pissed off because of her recent behavior. Things were very well in the start.. but following is what is happening now:

1- Whenever she gets upset over anything (whether its related to us or not) she takes all her frustration out on me, by being rude with me and saying insulting things to me and start saying that i dont care about her and cant keep her happy she doesn't see us happy in future etc. etc. If i mind her saying such things to me, then she labels me as egoistic and selfish and unrealistic. She also threaten me to end the relationship or sometime thinks that relationship should be ended.

2- There was a time when we were very romantic and understanding with each other (again on long distance). My "i love you" was always responded with "i love you too". Now she says she don't have any feelings for me and she doesn't find me physically attractive and i am very different from her perception of ideal men.

3- Also we had very intimate conversations in the start.. but now she says she find the idea of being intimate with me much uncomfortable and can't imagine it. I asked her if she feels like this because she is nervous about it (we both are virgins) or if there would be some other person at my place then would she feel the same way. And she replied "It depends upon the person".

4- It all about her expectations, her feelings, how she sees the things and relationship. Whatever i say doesn't matter to her. If she is upset because of my some action (not calling her at some specific time, doesn't come online for chat because i was in office, disagreeing with any of her idea, doesn't promise to fulfill her unrealistic demand) then she is justified in any saying any meanest thing to me. Doesn't matter what my actual intention was. Even if say her 100 times that this was not my intention, she will still be pissed off with me and would say mean things.

5- She blames me for one thing and does exactly the same. For example, she says that i try to provoke her by saying mean things (I NEVER EVER said any such thing with intention of making her react). Instead she only talks about ending the relation just to make me react (she admitted it just 2 days after accusing me of the same thing).

6- I asked her very clearly that tell me if you have so much doubts about me and you are not happy with me then lets end the relation. But she never gives a clear answer. She admits that i am nice and understanding and caring when she is normal, but start saying **** about me when she gets upset. AND she is upset most of the times.

7- I feel this was the time we would be happily planning for wedding functions. But i feel no charm in it anymore. I just don't know that even when i try to be fair to her, not cheating her, remain polite as much as i can.. talks to her parent with respect whenever i get a chance to talk to them......... and still i get this much insult from her.. just because i didnt do what she expected me to do.

I have talked her very politely many times that her such behavior hurts me a lot. She admits that she gets rude when upset and she will try to remain polite with me. But it never happens.

How to treat such kind of potential life partners???

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