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[QUOTE=Twisted Metal;4968170]Whether it is to someone's face or behind their backs, why do people make fun of eachother? It makes me sick.

All my coworkers at my old job and my job now all make fun of eachother behind their backs and make fun of me behind my back. They say things about other people like they talk funny or look like a turtle or are fat or their pants are ugly or their hair is stupid... and im 24 some of these bullies are my age and some are in their 40's

At my old job it was worse, worse names like stupid, ugly, fa***t, but it seems everywhere people tease other people to much.

I never do this i never could i think it is so wrong to laugh at someone else's expense. Don;t they relize they are causing other people emotional pain and are laughing at it?

why do people do this? What are your thoughts?[/QUOTE]

You may also be making yourself a target by getting so upset. It sucks that it happens and it's not right, but sometimes victims can make it worse for themselves by acting like a bleeding heart in front of everyone.

(I'm not saying it's your fault, it's theirs, but you could be encouraging the behaviour with your reactions - half the fun out outright teasing is getting a reaction out of someone (Even if it's an uncomfortable one) and when there's no reaction or it gets thrown back at them = no fun).

I guess what's not clear is how you're hearing about them making fun of you, or is it just everyone's participating in the office gossip pool and you know that since they're making fun of everyone else, they have to be making fun of you?

If it's just generalized slamming of everyone, you may have to start working on it person by person. Next time you're around someone, and the whole bashing of someone else starts, keep a very friendly, non-confrontational voice and say "Do we really want to be talking about this at all? I mean, it's just so high school the way it comes up, and I know you've got so much more interesting things to talk about! [list off a subject you know may get them chattering - kids, pets, hobbies, something you know they're good at]. I mean, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it if so and so were talking about [an obvious flaw of theirs] and I don't like hearing about [target], I'd rather hear about you."

and then if you hear them do it again, gently steer them away from it. If you hear them doing it multiple times, then you can notch up the level of firmness.

People aren't stupid. They'll soon realize that you don't tolerate that sort of thing. You can't stop them from gossiping among themselves, but sometimes being the start of a change can really help.

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