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[QUOTE=trystme;4969274]He is a grown man. Grown people don't ever fundamentally change. I've never seen it happen.[/QUOTE]

I've seen it happen with all the men in my life.. my ex husband, our baby was born and we were still living at his parents house. he had $0 dollars to his name, no job, attached to his mother (and she was the one who would create most of our problems), and would focus all his attention towards his band. one day i finally picked up and left, moved back to my moms. didnt contact him for a month. by the end of that month he found a loan officer job and got us a very nice apartment in a different city. He was able to change.

my best friend, I've known him for almost 15 years. He was always a slacker, spent 6 years in a community college. didnt care about anything but video games. he'd sleep every day away. he met someone. they were together for a year before she threatened to leave him if he didnt start a career soon. he did. today he is a registered nurse.

my brother- really bad anger problems. his wife would suffer tremendously. he would get extremely angry over the smallest things, kinda like my boyfriend except my bf doesnt yell. she began to liberate herself a bit and started doing her own thing. he felt so afraid to lose her that something happened to him where he was just able to stop himself before he became drastically angry. i dont know how but the change was so extreme. theyve been happily married for 15 years.

i believe men can change. my boyfriends' love for me is irrefutable. i know that most of our problems are due to his fear of failure and insecurities/anxieties about life. up until now, the people around him (his family and friends) have done nothing but enable his lifestyle. he knows this to an extent, and he's smart, so i have faith in him. and if it doesnt happen, it simply was not meant to be, but that doesnt change what i have witnessed and experienced.

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