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Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 4 months now and we see each other every weekend, our relationship is going fantastic. But there's one problem, he has an ex girlfriend, they were together for 6 years and broke up because she cheated on him, its been almost 3 years since their break-up but she still texts and calls him, he ignores all her texts and calls but I can't help to feel threatened. I know my boyfriend loves me and doesn't have feelings for her anymore but she makes me feel so worthless with the things she says...I have no idea what to do because all of my boyfriends friends tells me that he loves me so much and he also tells me that each day. But the fear of losing him to her is still there, am I being stupid?
"Am I being stupid"

Haha no offense but uh, yeah. You say your bf ignores his ex. She seems like a psycho since she's the one who did this to herself and probably can't live with it or accept that fact that he's moved on.

If it's really starting to affect you, and if she continues to keep this up then tell her off.
But what I would do is try not to think about it. People will only affect you if you let them, so don't let her. Don't give his ex control over you because that's what she wants and I'm sure the last thing you want to do is let her win, right?

and if it gets really bad then just look at reality and tell it to her face. She screwed up, she can't accept that, he doesn't love her anymore, I mean why do you think he ignores her? So tell her to get over it.
And if she pulls something like "Oh that's what you think, he's not over me" or some other b/s then tell your b/f. He's either lying to you or his ex is delusional.
Don't let this crazy chick affect you though, your happiness should not be determined by someone like that and your bf wants nothing to do with her. Why do you think he ignores all her calls? To spend time with you instead. Look at reality.
I don't think you are being stupid. But i think there has to be a point where you can finally dismiss the idea your boyfriend is leaving you.

My boyfriend works with his ex whom he was with for a year. A year into our relationship and yea I admit I am still uncomfortable about them being so close.

I think you need to evaluate the situation. I have a reason to be insecure as my boyfriend and his ex see eachother every day, but as your boyfriend has been ignoring his ex for a long time I do think you have nothing to worry about.

Your boyfriend does not want to be with her, otherwise he would've left you a long time ago.

Chin up hun x
How do you know what she says about you enough for it to make you feel "worthless" if he is ignoring her calls? How are you getting that information?

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