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"Hi, I'm [name]. I was wondering if you wanted to go get some coffee after class?"

The above line should do the trick pretty good. It says "I'm curious about you, but this is experimental and don't mean a whole lot"

If he counters with something more fancy or involved, like dinner, he's interested.

If he nods and says "sure" or something in the middle, he's curious about you too, but probably doesn't know you enough.

If he stammers like a moron or gets super awkward, he's super awkward. (This is not a reflection on you, your clothes or that time you said hello to him two months ago. It's purely his lack of social skills.)

If he says "Nah" and provides a reason ("I have to go to work/next class/feeling ill"), take it at face value and say "Oh darn, well, maybe some other time!" then grin cheerily and walk away.

If he says "nah, I have a girlfriend" (or an answer that tells you his ego automatically assumes you're looking for a boyfriend), snort like that's the funniest thing you've ever heard, and say, with a laughing tone "Oh no no no, so not the case buddy. See you next class!" (This way, you save face and he sits there all puzzled about why you wouldn't want to date him, which is good, because clearly his ego needed knocking down a couple pegs anyways).

:P Have fun

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