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I was hoping to get some advice from some of your knowledgable folks on a very confusing relationship I am in. I think some background info is required for everyone to understand...
I started dating my boyfriend 3 years prior in very unique circumstances...I was studying abroad, and was there for 5 years. I had no family or friends and was doing a very tough professional course. My boyfriend and his family, at the time really took me in. I lived in a cramped hostel and once our relationship got a bit serious, I was over at his place all the time and was given home cooked meals and whatnot. you can see why i feel indebted to him and his family...
i came back home in aug 2011, while he was still in his country. right before i left we had a biiiiiiig problem, something i could have never fathomed, seeing by that point i was living with him and his family in their home. he had gone on trip with his friends to thailand in march 2011, and apparently, met a bunch of girls. now he tells me he never cheated, and i do believe him, however i did find a few flirty emails from him to a girl that he had met there. i have had his email password forever, mostly to help him with emailing documents and such. i just happened to look at his sent msg for some important documents and i found it. i never have "snooped" before. judging from the emails, i believe he didn't sleep with her, but his explaination was that he was just seeing if he still had it in him to make a girl interested in him. seduce a girl, so to say. he apologized and cried and all that crap, but of course my trust had been broken.
as i was leaving in the next few days, i felt this matter never really got resolved. i was honestly paranoid for a long time. i would check his email and ask him stupid questions about people on facebook, and this is not in my personality AT ALL.
in jan of 2012, he is in the USA doing his masters. since jan, he has been avoiding talking to me. he tells me that this is due to the fact his course is very time consuming and he doesnt have the time to talk for long periods of time. he rarely calls or skypes, never emails, and i have to fight with him to reply to my texts. when we do talk, it is for max 5 mins at a time. and in those 5 minutes all we do is fight, pretty much about how he never calls or msgs and he responds about how busy he is, and how stressed he is with school. you can imagine the toll it has had on us romantically. i am fed up, but i feel so obliged to stay with him through his so called "stressful and tough time" as he does his masters, because of how him and his family helped me those 2 years abroad. i am stressed and pissed and i have huge board exams coming up. being with him is terrible, but breaking it off seems just as bad. i feel like i couldnt cope with a break up with my exams coming up, but i cant cope with being treated like this...what should i do?

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