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I've been with my boyfriend almost a year and I live with him in his dad's house.
I introduced him to my family and they loved him!

A few times we've been invited over by my parents for dinner, but my boyfriend just sits on his phone playing games.
One time he made an excuse that he had 'chores' to do so I ended up going to my parents alone.

My family have done a lot to include him. They have invited him round to meet their friends and have offered to cook a lot of dinners for us.

They invite my boyfriend along when it's someone in my family's birthday and we go out for a meal or bowling, my parents insist they pay for him.

They go on holiday and bring my boyfriend back presents, my mother also went out last week to find a birthday present for my boyfriend which is tomorrow - they have once again invited us over for dinner tonight.

But my boyfriend has a problem with my brother. From the first time they met my boyfriend said he was immature and a 'know it all'. He makes digs about my brother's interest in cars and his job etc.

Last night me and my boyfriend were watching some porn together. I mentioned that it wasn't really doing anything for me so my boyfriend joked that we should give the dvd to my brother as 'he needs to get a girlfriend'.

My brother has never done anything to provoke my boyfriends behaviour. It does upset me when my boyfriend says stuff like that as i'm very protective over my family.

My only thought on why my boyfriend is like this is because my ex is a close friend of my brothers, and my boyfriend acts like this doesn't bother him, when it shows that it does.

Do you think it's a way of sort of slating me for my ex by going through my brother?

And is there anything I should do to stop the atmosphere?

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