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Please tell me if Iím overreacting. I have been married for 13 mostly good years. Lately I feel as though my husband is disrespecting me. He has been under a lot of stress at work and I think that he may be taking it out on me. The things that he says are not that bad. He mostly gives me a hard time, kinda making fun of me. Iíll give you a couple of examples so that you will understand what I mean.

On Monday I was supposed to print out something for my daughterís school work. I was supposed to do this at work because we donít have a working printer at home right now. Well, I did print it out but as I was leaving, I left it on my desk, forgetting it. My daughter texted me when I was about Ĺ way home asking me if I had it. I called DH right before it was time for him to leave to come home and asked him if he could print it for her. He was VERY put out by this. He talked about how busy he was at work and how he was trying to take care of a crises before he left and that I should have remembered it, etc. When he got home he again started talking about how I caught him at a bad time and that if I wanted him to print something then I should have called him earlier. Well, if I had remembered it earlier then I wouldnít be calling him about it would I?

Another example: We had burritos for dinner Tuesday night and I only ate Ĺ of mine so I took the other Ĺ to work and I took the whole jar of salsa with me to put on top. I forgot and left the jar of salsa in the fridge at work. Well, we had leftover burritos on Wednesday night and no salsa. He kept going on at me for leaving the salsa at work. I said Iím sorry and Iíll never do it again, what more can I do? He was telling me how to place some of the salsa in another container to take to work, like I was a 4 year old. "See you get a little plastic container out of this cupboard, you open the salsa and you pour some of it in the container." It really hurt my feelings and he said all of this in front of our 11 year old daughter who I already have a hard time with her disrespecting me. I donít think that she needs to hear him making fun of me, it just gives her license to do the same.

These are just two examples but basically the pattern is this: I do something forgetful or slightly stupid and he disrespects me verbally. He doesnít call me names or anything like that but speaks to me like I am a child that needs reprimanding. It makes me feel unloved. It makes me feel like he has to put up with me rather than living with me because he loves me and wants to be with me. It makes me feel like there is a lot more that he wants to say but he is holding his tongue.

It hurts my feelings sooo much and he knows that it does. This morning, just to make sure that he knew how it made me feel, I sent him an e-mail. He apologized and said that he wouldnít do it again.

Am I overreacting?

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