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Hello All. New member here. The size of the board is intimidating, but I've seen some great posts while I looked around.

Long story short, I'm with a girl a little over a year and seem to be focusing more and more on the negatives in the relationship. I can't shake this pessimistic attitude.

I think it is due to my discovering that she is an alcoholic and had some bad boundary issues with male co-workers early in our relationship. She is in recovery and doing quite well. And she has more than made amends for her boundary slips. But I think it has had an everlasting impact on me in that I am always carrying around an undertone of resentment, anger and lack of trust for past relationship issues.

We are in couples counseling for the issues and the therapist can sense my frustrations, which do come out when she falls back into her insecure ways that have plagued her for some time. I am realizing I have the worst skills when it comes to forgiveness. Its starting to take its toll on both of us.

I care for the woman, love her, but my issues are getting in the way of progress.

Any advice on how I should proceed?

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