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thanks all.
Its just that when were together and actually spend time together we work well, were so right for each other. But when we dont spend as much time we seem to fall out more. I work sunday to thursdays and he works monday to fridays so we only get one day a week to do anything and even then i moan cos i have work the next day which really sucks. i start work earlier than him and finish earlier and i go to bed earlier cos im so tired from being up early. I think this is affecting us too, Ive tried to get a mon-fri job but its so difficult.
i think i just take everything to heart, i really love him and he really loves me. it just really bugs me that he doesnt show it as much as i do. I always tell him i love him etc. but over the last few weeks ive stopped myself. and he finally confronted me about it saying wont have you stopped sayin i love you? etc. and he asked me to be myself and keep telling him cos he misses it etc. hes always been a recluse not had friends cos he doesnt really like people lol. thats why is upsets me that now hes hes got some hes changed and not the same, so when we discuss it, its always are sore subject. why do friends have to come between relationships its so silly. am i just being overprotective?? am i being silly?? i know he cares for me as much as he cares for me, it just really upsets me some times when he doesnt think of the consequences of his actions.

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