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My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child together and things seem to get rockier between us every day. We are always yelling at each other and fighting over absolutely everything. His anger always seems to flare up and it is starting to scare me. I don't understand how I make him this angry. He yells in my face and tells me to "shut up". He broke the hanging mirror on our bedroom door when he slammed the door. Glass went everywhere. He has even grabbed me and touched me in ways that are abusive. A couple of months ago he held me down by the throat. I have told him multiple times that he needs to get help with his anger. I don't know how else to tell him. It is seriously hurting our relationship. I am getting afraid to stand up for myself. Especially now that I am pregnant, I have a child to protect also. What do I do to get to the root of his anger and find out what is causing it? How can I get him the help he needs before he seriously hurts me and damages our relationship forever?

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