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Hey guys :)

I found a thread that matched what I needed help with on this site. I really need some help in this area. I have been dating the love of my life Sean for a year now, we just celebrated our 1 yr anniversary. :) I am still madly in love with him and he is the best friend I have always needed in a relationship. After my divorce and dating losers I finally found the man of my dreams...Sean moved in about 6 months ago, sadly with (a lot of things in my past with abandonment and divorce etc, I needed counseling for my low self esteem.) I am seeing a counselor and have been for a while now, I have made a complete turn around and I feel great...but sadly with Sean living with me he had to deal with my low self esteem and well its not healthy nor is it good for us and it only made him lose feelings for me. He said he lost feelings he once had because of me and pls do not judge me with comments I have reasons why I was acting that way, I just need help in coping in him leaving. We are not breaking up and he and I still love one another but now that I am a changed woman of God he said he needs to see that so he can forget the other stuff which I completely understand but this is very hard on me because I shared my life with him. We were supposed to get married next June and we planned it all out but with him losing feelings well I understand why but I cannot help but cry knowing he is leaving....I understand he still loves me and I understand why he is doing this believe me I do so I just dont know how to cope with this change....any thoughts? :dizzy:

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