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One thing that bothers me about what you posted is that he says he's not attracted to you because you are overweight and that's why he feels like you are bothering him. If it were Me on the receiveing end of that, I would kick a guy so hard to the curb he wouldn't be able to sit for a month! I have a friend who years ago was engaged to a guy who said he wouldnt marry her until she lost a lot of weight. I mean seriously? you either love someone warts and all or you don't, if your love is dependent on how they look then it's not real love IMO. FYI, that relationship did not work out.

I think he's just stringing you along until he makes up his mind. Maybe his idea of "love" is the perfect physical woman who doesn't "pester" him. But to me that sounds like a superficial selfish **** who doesn't see you as a person but instead sees you as a thing that needs to live up to his wants and needs and he'll get back to you when he decides if he can put up with you or not. Don't sell yourself short, find a guy who treats you like a real person and not someone who doesn't quite live up to 'his' expectations.

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