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[QUOTE=baffomet;5001484]The question you need to ask yourself is how strong is your relationship with your girlfriend? There's no mention of that so it's impossible to tell if your suspicions are right. Based on what you wrote though, you do appear to be paranoid/insecure/jealous.

The reason why I say that is because you don't seem to trust your girlfriend enough to be out in the world alone without you being there to watch what she does or if someone tries to pick up on her. Let me tell you first hand, you will never be able to do that and be happy with your relationship much less yourself. Why would you want to anyways?

You have to trust her and your relationship that it can endure these types of situations. If not, then you need to either find someone you can or just be miserable wondering all of the time.

My wife gets a lot of attention where ever she goes (sometimes right in front of me). I could worry about it constantly and try to keep her locked up but I don't. I trust her and our commitment to each other. I also know she picked me for a reason even though she could have easily picked someone else. You might say that it's because we're married, but cheating occurs regardless and even before we were married we felt the same way.[/QUOTE]

Our relationship is quite strong and glitch-free so far, but the fact remains that she's spending 5-6 hrs a day in a room with the guy, and it's easy to start developing feelings for someone when you are spending that much time together, and touching base with your boyfriend for 1/2 hour max.

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