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Hi all,

This post is in reference to a summer job my girlfriend of 2 years has, and I'd appreciate any input you might have on what you make of it.

She is a 22 years-old, just finished her junior year in college. She lives and studies in a country in Europe (I'll keep some information secret for the sake of privacy), and her job is on an island in the US.

Her employer is an elderly lady that owns a museum there, and she got in contact with her through a friend of hers that worked part-time in the museum a previous summer.

The job itself is fairly easy - she helps with stuff relating to the museum - setting up the pieces, greeting guests, etc - but mostly just keeps her employer company. (Her employer is there during her shifts.) What I'm worried about is the following. She is living there in a house, where her employer lives. The house is fairly extravagant - her room is huge, filled with expensive furniture and all. On top of that, her employer cooks for her and invites her to dinners with her very often.

I know a lot of people who have summer jobs on this same place, and they usually provide lodging for themselves (like 6 people live in one apartment because it's very expensive), and the employers are never this nice and close with their employees. This has also been going on since when she arrived there - so it's not like she made friends with her and/or is really good at her job. Actually from what I'm gathering, most of her job could be done by her employer too. Most of the time she just chats with the elderly lady while waiting for guests.

On top of this, the employer's nephew is helping out this summer (he apparently quite his real job in his home country and sold his home there, and isn't sure what he's going to be doing in life..). He is a 30ish-year-old guy (fairly good looking), who lives at the same house as my girlfriend (albeit a different floor), and always attends these meals my girlfriend's employer makes (since he lives in the same house). My girlfriend's shifts also overlap with his significantly.

I'm afraid I'm being paranoid, but this is all a bit fishy for me. The employer seems to nice, her job doesn't require a lot of work, but she's being pampered and treated like a queen, and there is the issue of the nephew..
Any thoughts here, or am I just being paranoid, and I should be happy that she lucked out with her job? Also, any thoughts on how to handle this on my end?


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