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I have dating someone for over 3 years. He is a good guy, I totally trust him, he would never cheat on me. I honestly love him so much. However from the beginning of our relationship there have been lies and little problems. He lied about drugs for about 2 years, there are still questions if he is doing it now or not. He drinks a lot, every night. He has very bad mood swings, gets very upset and fast, over little things. I have been trying to help him with his anger issues, with very little luck. For example Ė if we are in traffic, he yells and says all he wants is a beer. I told him that i dont like swearing and he consistently uses the F word and swears at me. I suspect that he drinks while he is driving as well. He owns a business and gets me to do all the work for him, emailing, calling clients. I got him a blackberry to use for business and he still makes me do quotes, because he is worried about his spelling. Long story short, I feel more like his mom than a girlfriend. I have brought this up several times, he told me he will change Ė nothing yet. When we talk he is always complaining about work and people, and everything going wrong and that he hates life - he always says that he wishes he was dead. I have asked him to go to counseling, he wonít. He has issues with his family, hasnít talked to them in years. Its just him. He is a good guy, he just canít handle life, and im feeling a bit used and tired of always helping and never having fun with him. (and yes I have told him this several times, with no change). Now, saying that, I have met someone. I really didnít mean for it to happen. But I have gone out for coffee with him and find myself attracted to him. I donít know what to do Ė should I continue to try to help him or should I just walk away? It really has nothing to do with this new guy, but the fact that im even looking around isnít fair to him. I have told him this too! That I have been noticing guys and sometimes I donít even tell people that i have a boyfriend. He told me he will try harder and wants me to be happy with him. I really want to go out again with this guy. I have given him so many chances to change and he really hasnít, I love him so much I would be upset if we werenít together. Any thoughts?

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