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I've never resorted to online forums or anything, but I just wanted to talk to someone.
So my mom accidentaly told me that she would never like to go through a betrayal again. My heart sank when i questioned her, and it turns out my dad had a small affair over 10 years ago. Apparently everyone knew about it but me. I am now 20 years old and my older sister said she never wanted me to find out because I was too small then to understand. My family now is as strong as can be and I've always admired my parents marriage. It's just so crazy how I never knew about this whole secret past and am just finding out. So while everyone is already healed from old wounds, I feel like I am barely going through the situation. It just seemed so hard the way I had to find out about it.
In part I think of how our family has progressed and changed for the better, but I also feel bad for my older sister for having to go through it all alone- I also admire her for trying to protect me. I feel like I am slowly getting over it, but i can't help it when it occasionally crosses my mind. I love my dad and my mom, but I can't believe this once happened!

Any advice or what do you think? I just want some feedback...

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