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[QUOTE=Seraph;5005560]So you yell at him when he wants to go out alone, and he yells at you when you want to go out alone? You both need to sit down and work out a few ground rules, when you are both in a reasonable mood. You can come to an arrangement, agreeing to have x nights available per month kept in credit for occasions such as your party, or straight turns, as in "you were out last weekend, I wish to have this weekend". Do you also do things together? That is important as well. Good luck, Sera[/QUOTE]

I couldn't agree more! You are both being a bit over protective of each other. You need to give the man some space, he should be able to go out with his buddies when he wants to. The same goes for you, you should be able to go out and have fun, without him being there. Stop yelling at him for going out, let him go and don't complain at all. I'm sure that he'll come home, happy and relaxed. Then the next time you go out, he'll probably act the same way.

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