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Well, men your age must be getting close to the age of your ex when you started dating him (if that makes sense), so they should be "catching up". Right? It's not like men your age stay stagnant while women get older and more mature.

And you're right, generally speaking, men who are in their mid-30s and above tend to be either married, divorced with kids or single for a reason, i.e., they just don't want to be married, they live in their mom's basements and are socially un-developed, OR, they are having so much fun being single and dating [read "sleeping around] that they see no need to settle down. Of course, a married man is automatically not available (and I hope your experience with your boss has made that very clear) and can bring you nothing but pain. Would you be OK with being step-mom to a divorced man's kids? And I imagine a confirmed bachelor playboy might not be what you're looking for.

However "distressed" you are over your boss's actions, he really is doing the right thing, I hope you realize that. And maybe it's a good idea to find out why this married man is so attractive to you (such as, is it just the "older man" attraction you have? Is his age and his "authority" what are attracting you?), and why you find men your own age unattractive and un-relatable. Because I'm sure there must be some men closer to your age who are intelligent, have great senses of humor and are "alpha" (whatever that means!).

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