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I'm so mad, I can't pack fast enough...

I threw my husband a 40th birthday party and all of our closest friends were in attendance. We were all drinking- laughing having a great time. One of my girlfriends, (an RN) who was not drinking, had to leave and get to work, We were all sitting in a group and one of my other girlfriends began texting her. The girls were joking, a reference was made to her being bored and my husband gets a hold of the phone and texts, 'play with your pu$$*^'. I didn't see the words at that time. My girlfriend grabbed the phone back and texted quickly, that was my husband that wrote that and not her. The next day while we were all together, the text came up and the words were read to me. Mortified and so disrespected is how I felt. I waited until the end of the day and told my husband that, the text was inappropriate. Expecting him to just say, 'sorry- I know and I feel bad'. But, instead- he was sorry BUT, felt that being drunk, everyone laughing, it was said to be funny- I should not be 'throwing him under the bus' now.

I think I just hit my bottom and want out. It's not the first time that my husband crossed a line with a female.

He always tries to turn it around on me, making me think I am over reacting but, my level of trust is diminished. I work so hard to get him to see how strange it is to behave this way when your married. But- he just wants to point out how wonderful he IS every day and doesn't see how these 'rare' incidents, kills my feelings for him. I am too embaressed to talk to my girlfriends about this I can use some advise.

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