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Oh boy, something you said in your response really reminds me of an issue I had with my ex. We also had an "issue" with another girl that he was friends with. This girl would text and call him constantly. She would also straight up GLARE at me any time I would see her at college. I would tell my ex how it made me feel and that I was uncomfortable with his friendship with her. He NEVER supported me during this time and always took her side. I actually wrote all about this on these boards and almost every single person said it was totally wrong of him and to leave him or he would most likely cheat on me. I didn't listen and low and behold he did end up cheating (however, not with the same girl who would glare at me). Again, like I said in my previous response, I am not meaning to scare you or think your bf is out to cheat on you or is trying to get out of the relationship, but I would keep your eyes open. Also, like I said before, if a person is totally satisfied, there is no desire or need to ogle other people. He also flat-out told you that when he would look at other girls he would wonder what it would be like to be with them. What this says to me is that he is looking for other options. Maybe this is not the case at all, but do you want to continue a relationship where your bf does not consider your feelings and does things that he knows makes you feel bad? Perhaps you do need to work on your self-esteem, like the other posters said, but not because you are being ridiculous for not liking his ogling, but to have the confidence to kick this guy to the curb.

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