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I just made an account on here so i can get some advice, i hope it works. So here it is, Ive been dating this girl for 9 months (todays our month anniversary) but 2 months back, i became really unhappy for reasons I'm not so sure of even now, i just felt like she was bored of me and she was falling out of love with me, to spare a broken heart, i broke up with her and hours later i was regretting it, but then i really started to become mad because when i found out my best friend at the time was hitting on her and they were flirting, now i could understand this if it was weeks later, but this was just HOURS :( and she openly let him. I needed my girl back, so i spent a weekend of showering her with love and affection and i finally won her back from my now ex-best friend. After we were back together, my girlfriend said that while we were broken up, she had began to develop a crush on my friend, this hurt me in many ways because i thought he was a loyal friend and he completly ditched our friendship for a girl. All i do is respect and love my girl, i realized that she meant a lot more to me then i previously had thought and i show her how much i care. But my friend, even after being turned down, (i think he deserved it to be honest) constantly texts her nonstop and ALWAYS asks to hang out, my girlfriend says theres no feelings between them anymore and i believe that she has no feelings towards him, but i still think that he has feelings towards her. He always tells her how pretty she is and she is so flattered but when i tell her she kind of brushes it off :( My girl says she only loves me and no one else but she's with this guy a lot and it really makes me jealous. I feel like i ruined something they used to have and now he's trying to win her back, whenever we get in an argument, he always takes her side and makes me sound like a selfish dick. He never apologized for what he did and once i even forgave him for doing what he did and he accepted it, then i read my girlfriends texts the next day and he was bagging on me and calling me a ****** and lots of other stuff. Even the other day, for example, he was bagging on me and i sent him a text asking what the hell i did wrong and he just told me to **** off :/ i feel like he's just sitting there, waiting for when he can take her away. i know i sound really paranoid but i can't help it

I just feel like they have something, whenever i can't hang out with her she always hangs out with him and they have a great time, he always hugs her. i hate feeling this way and its eating me up. i try to tell my girlfriend but i feel like i just burden her with problems. I want to know what i should do about this guy. I really love my girlfriend and i never want to lose her. please help :(

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