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Hello. I'm new to this health board. I want to share my experience and get some opinions. I'm very, very upset. My boyfriend of almost 7 months just broke up with me. I will explain the entire story and you will see why I'm very confused.

When I first met him he told me he had a guardian (his guardianship was taken away because he had a very bad head injury that left him with Paranoid Schizophrenia). He told me he was very close of getting his guardianship back. He was in an apartment complex ( that was designed to help him with daily classes), had a job (this is where I met him, we worked together), and now had me. In the state he looked very good. After being in the system for four years he proved to the courts that he was ready to have his guardianship back. We started dating in December and he got it back in late May.

On and off he was seeing his "best friend" that was an EXTREMELY bad influence on him. I never was "allowed" to meet this man because they always had to hang out by themselves. At first he told me stories, but said he was a really good friend, so I let it go. The MOMENT he got a phone call saying he got his guardianship back our relationship went downhill. The minute his friend would call he would drop me to see him!! He got off two hours before me one day and when I got off work he said he was going to spend the whole weekend with his friend. We had plans for the weekend! Didn't invite me! Nothing!! A few weeks later he went to the casino and lost ALL his money ($900) and started smoking again. He lied about it and then he told me. I forgave him and he promised he would stop seeing his friend that he agreed with me. He was completely broke and I gave him gas money, food, etc! He promised he would pay be back and did only for half the money I spent on him!

Now, when he got his guardianship back he was suppose to get a sum of money for him that they kept. He was suppose to get around $2000. Fast forward, last Monday and it went downhill very fast!!

Last Monday he got a call to pick up his check. I gave him gas money to get there because it was in another town. We go there and he gets his money. Everything is fine that day. The next day he hangs out at my house and leaves around 3 pm. Telling me he is tired. I believe him and then I found out he was lying and hanging out with his friend again!!! I see him and we are trying to work things out. Trying to find a happy medium. I invite him to our family BBQ and he declines to spend time with his family. LIE! I find out he was with him again. He calls me that night and tells me he loves me and the very next day breaks up with me through text message!! Saying I'm too controlling and won't let him see his friend. Telling me he DOESN'T love me anymore and he is going to find someone else. Telling me to stay from him and his friend!! Just the night before he is telling me how much he loves me. His friend and his friend's ex gets on Facebook and calls me all these horrible names. Saying I deserve it! It's all my fault!! He texted me today saying "I miss you and love you. I don't want to get a divorce and last night was so much fun". That is to his ex from two years ago!!! I doubt he saw her because she wants nothing to do with him and they were never married because she was legally married at the time!!!

I can't believe this happened!! I really did love him and care about me and this hurts so bad. I have been crying so much!! I can't understand this!!!! If you have any advice that would be appreciated. I'm seeing a therapist tomorrow to help me get through this!! Thank you for reading this!!

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