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1 ) Stop being so needy. You should never depend on the attention of another person. If he wants to blow you off, let him. Don't jump at the first chance to hang out with him though. Ignore him if he ditches you. Treat him like a GUY would treat him. When you react emotionally, and punish him emotionally (Example : having a "TALK") he's not going to understand or know how to respond. When you give him the cold shoulder he knows how to respond. Chances are, after he ditches you he knows he did something wrong. When he comes home and you're ignoring him, he'll know even more. When he says "Do you want to talk about it" say "NO...I just need a little time to think about things" and ignore him some more! You don't have to talk about it, he knows ditching you was wrong. Don't let him get away with it! Jumping into his arms the second he gets home and giving up YOUR free time to spend time with him is letting him get away with it. If you want him to treat you better, you have to set your limits and keep them. You have to treat YOURSELF better.

2) I really don't think that there's anything wrong with his sense of humour. My boyfriend is the same way, and we've been together for years and he has never hurt me, or anyone for that matter. The man has never even been in a fight. I doubt that he wants to hurt you, you have to adapt or move on in this situation though. If you don't like his sense of humour, and you don't think that you can get used to it, then it's time to leave!

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