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Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a long while as I've had a long recovery from my past experiences and felt ready to move on.

I met a new guy at the begining of this year, he he really nice and we got on well. We seem quite similar in our likes and dislikes and have a similar out look on like and both want the same things.
After about a month we were out on a date, he couldnt stop kissing me in the pub, very flattering and was a lot more talkative than usual; not about general stuff but about some really bad things that had happened in his childhood, his mom leaving, her having bi-polar, his depression, worrying he may be like his mom, all sorts, like he was pouring his heart out. I listened and listened, felt pleased in a way that he could open up. The evening ended on a positive note, not depressing, chats about science and interesting stuff, I left feeling great. 2 days later he cancelled a weekend we had planned and said he wanted to not take it further with me as we were too similar.

I was a bit taken a back, had a think and told him nicely that i respected him for being honest, i did have feelings for him and didn't understand his reasons that much but I was glad he was honest.

We stayed friendly and texted a bit, met up on odd occasion and enjoyed our shared interests. This lasted a month or so until we had a chat on the phone one night when he asked me to help him with some stuff at home and I agreed.
We got on great, it was flirty, I stayed nearly a week, he didn't want me to go home. We had quite a chat and he said he wasn't sure about 'us' as when he'd met his exes he had known and had a 'feeling' that he knew it would be long term but with me he didn't have that 'feeling' however he felt a really strong connection with me. He wasn't sure if it was because he was being led by me being a good listener and really understanding of him, ie out of need for understanding rather than feelings of wanting me for me. I replied and said I would be scared if he knew so soon and would rather us just 'be' and enjoy what we have and see what happens, from then on its been really progressing. It's been great, spent lots of time together although he hasn't been as kissy or all over me and not been that attentive, and he still talks about his depression and his worries but his shakes and anxiety have gone completely since we have been 'together'.
you may ask so whats wrong....
last week he started to become distant, make excuses not to see me. I asked him nicely as soon as I started to notice, He just said he needs time on his own to think. I'm ok with that, time alone is good and I wouldn't respect him as much as i do if he just plodded on and didn't tell me when he wanted alone time to think anyway.
My query is as he is depressed and stressed about other things, how will he be able to think? he can't seperate his stress to think about anything, he's told me this! also he is so convinced he is like his mom and may have bi-polar (he wouldn't go for any tests though, no way) thats his biggest worry as sometimes he thinks he is, sometimes he thinks not. If he is then I'm not allarmed by that, it's fine, I like him as he is, bipolar or not, but I wonder, in the back of my mind, is this a depressive phase ,( he was a lot more depressed this morning than he has been in a while) or is it insecurities settling in as we've been together for a while now?
what do you think?
thanks in advance

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