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Hi, thanks for replying.
He does have a lot of internal struggles, he suffered a lot as a child - some things were horrific and he remembers them vividly. He has had numerous attempts at counselling for it over the years though. He says he has little confidence in himself at times although I haven't really seen this.
He doesn't really know what he likes or what he wants to do with his life, although he is quite sucessfull in his work and has acheived a lot of promotions to get where he is. He often says he doesn't know how he managed it, and if he can really do it. I reasure him that his bosses must think he is able or he wouldn't have got where he has; he smiles and relaxes when I remind him of this but the reasurance doesn't last long!
He talkes to me a lot about not really being able to 'feel', he says feeling depressed and anxious most of his life, he doesn't ever really know what he feels. His anxiety has more or less gone sinse he met me but the depression is still there and he worries about all sorts. He quite often feels confused, worried, low, or like he has failed, or a combination of these. He doesn't talk of feeling anything else.

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