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(by the way, Rosequartz: I recently discovered rose quartz and have been wearing a rose quartz bracelet for the past couple of months now and find it brings a lot of strength, comfort, and love. Wearing it always makes me remember to calm down and approach everything with positive energy and love. So it's absolutely my favorite crystal). :)[/QUOTE]

good for you! you might also want to get yourself a black tourmaline bracelet, or carry a stone of it in your pocket. It repels negativity and sends it back to the source! A great stone to have around!
i'm wondering if this guy is either bi-polar or BPD (borderline personality disorder). you won't get him to agree.....your best bet is to make the right choice for you and move forward without him. he's not going to change and he's dangerous, he's already affected you in a negative way......

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