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I'm a 26 yr old and meet a 22yr girl around 18 months ago. After meeting we had instant chemistry. She had recently moved to Sydney from Adelaide to care for her mother leaving her family thou she was living with her x boyfriend. Her mum was ment to be ill and only months too live. After months of seeing each other she finally introduced me to her "I'll" mum that turned out to be a crazy alcoholic. ( mum claiming to be ill was a load of c##p and just a lie to be re united with her daughter ) Cut a long story short her mum loved me to bits and totally approved of me. Months later At Xmas time her crazy mum kicked her out, she wanted to move back to dads but he "had no room for her"to which I then let her move in with me. ( at this stage only official 2 weeks) She then lost her job and I have treated her like a princess giving her everything ever since. I have supported her 100% financially and paid every bill. Food electricity my mortgage her car costs etc etc for 8 months her never finding employment. Yesterday her father who I've never meet ( and she always had our relationship on the down low from him untill a week ago he found out ) flys here and makes her pack her stuff and move home. He says it's about time He conclude her  into the family as he realizes how much he pushed her away ( because she moved to care for mum )  Yes I guess it's her decision and shes 23 yrs old but she has told me she feels pressured into going and she's unsure. She has never been accepted into her family ( dad ) as he re married and she took her mothers side when they divorced- step mum gave her hard time. ( Some things in the past why she claims to be pushed out of the family would be because she was not included on over seas holidays, Xmas , special family events etc etc) . her father never even invited her to his wedding it all happened behind her back when she was 17. Her father flew here packed her stuff and took her. Now she is in another state and I'm confused. She tells me she is going to trial this for a month as she has never had a family and wants to re fit back in ( she did have a very hard upbringing I'm led to believe ), but she's confused because she loves me to death and I'm all she ever wants. As her mother is now in a home she no longer speaks or sees her after getting booted at Xmas. What I want to know is am I now second best.? I picked her up off her feet when she had no where to go. Her father never offered to take her in, never gave her 1 dollar for support and when he came to get her refused to meet me, not even a thank u for supporting his daughter. She has left all her stuff at my house and is planning on returning in 4 weeks unsure of she will stay in adelaide or stay in a relationship with me. I'm so confused in what to do / how to feel. Am I just an option ?? Help?

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