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So I'm having problems with my ex-girlfriend from about 2 1/2 years ago.

We went out between 2007 and 2009 and we were pretty much totally smitten and in love with each other, she said I was love at first sight for her. Then she moved away to go to school. Thats when she broke up with me because she said she wasn't missing me while at school like she normally did when we were apart. Two weeks after she broke up with me I find out she's supposedly 'with' someone else. She somehow got over a two year relationship in a matter of days.

That was that, after I found that out I stopped talking to her. Occasionally she called to try and be nice to me and see how I was doing but I wasn't having any of it and didn't say much of anything. I tried moving on, forgetting about her, but it wasn't happening. Even though I didn't want her to be, she was constantly in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about her, she wouldn't go away.

Then sometime in December 2010 she sent me a text apologizing for the way she had acted during that whole time and that she doesn't understand how she could hurt someone she loved so much. I accepted her apology and low and behold it opened up our relationship again. A few days after apologizing to me she told me she broke up with her boyfriend (a few days later they were back together). We started talking again almost every day. Even though I was still upset and hurt by her my feelings for her were still there just as strong.

Come that Spring in 2011 she came back home temporarily from school (I went to school where she was from) for Spring Break. During that time she came over to my house to see me several times. And despite still having that boyfriend of hers she ended up in bed with me each time. We didn't have sex but we were doing things you definitely wouldn't want your boyfriend/girlfriend doing with someone else. After that first week she went back to where she goes to school and broke up with him and asked me to come take her. Unfortunately I couldn't get to her since I didn't have a car at the moment and she was 6 hours away. Then a few weeks later she was back with him, but was still sending me pictures of herself and texts saying things you wouldn't want a partner saying to someone else. Then came the summer, I was set to graduate and move back home. So she came to see me and again same thing happened.

Since I've been home (which oddly enough is no more than an hour and a half from where she's at now) I haven't seen her much but still talk to her almost every day. I saw her once last summer after moving back home and immediately I could feel something between us. It was like a giant magnet was pulling us together.

Then a few weeks ago she for some reason asked how many women I had been with, and on her insistence I told her. She said it made her jealous and said she can't resist me and she doesn't have the willpower to say no when shes around me. Which she said is why she never wants to see me. In the following days she told me that i've always had her, she misses me, she wants me, she loves me and that she could never stop loving me. One day I said why don't we just get married already and she said she was just waiting for me to ask. All this while apparently with this guy from two weeks after we broke up.

Last night I joking mentioned the marriage thing again to her and she said I have some competition, and that 'times tickin'. What is this girl doing? Why is she doing this, why doesn't she just end it with the other guy? They obviously don't belong together, is she too afraid to be alone? Does she not have the stomach to break up with someone? She is driving me nuts and she's in my life too deep to purge her from it. Sometimes I'm tempted to just tell him everything from the past year and get it over with. I love her to death, I've never met anyone else like her. Shes the only person I know thats accepted and loved me for who I truly am, goofiness, dopiness and all.

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