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Bit of background info: Me and my boyfriend are 17/18 and we have a long distance relationship. It's not too far, only an hour on the train. We've both had trouble trusting each other because of the distance.

My boyfriend can be the loveliest, sweetest guy ever. He's always looking after me and protecting me.
But the littlest things can change his mood. When he changes its like another personality. He'll refuse to touch me, he'll say horrible things like he wishes I was dead, and sometimes he'll say he's going to sit down, but instead he'll walk off and leave me in town centers. I understand he needs space to calm down but he takes it too far.
He says things like 'go die, I don't like you.' He insults my appearance and tells me he'd have sex with other girls. And on more than one occasion he's physically hurt me. Afterwards he's really apologetic and he gets mad at himself for not being able to control it. Yesterday he even cried over it.
I want to help my boyfriend not lash out anymore. He can't see what he's doing to me at the time.

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