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[QUOTE=dixibell143;5030560]My boyfriend and I have been together a month today. I really care about him and he really cares about me. Well he says he does. He makes me super happy and whenever he's around I can't help, but keep a smile on my face. He treats me better than anybody I've ever been with has ever treated me and My family absolutely adored him. I could actually see this lasting. Unlike my past relationships.

Starting a couple weeks ago though, his ex messaged him on Facebook. She said she had been in the hospital and since then they have been messaging each other. Last weekend, I looked at the message on his phone when he checked it, but it turns out that he deleted everything except what they had just started talking about. Last night, I got the feeling that I needed to check his phone so I did and he had deleted his call log, some of his text conversations, but I didn't check his Facebook. I felt like I really needed to, but didn't. Well later I saw he had messenger up and I asked who he was messaging but he wouldn't tell me. So I tried taking his phone, but he wouldn't let me have it.

Right before he left, he took me to my room and asked me why I was acting the way I was. I told him I was fine and he goes,"It's because I wouldn't let you see my phone isn't it? Baby, you need to quit being paranoid. You don't have anything to worry about. I don't want to be with her. She cheated on me and lives 12+ hours away. You need to understand that I just broke up with her in May through a text and I have no closure. I still thinks about her a lot. I don't wanna be a cold hearted ******* and quit talking to her for good."

I don't want him mad at me if I made him quit talking to her, but he said he would if I didn't quit getting paranoid. I wouldn't be if he didn't delete everything before I saw it or hid things from me. I'm scared that him messaging his ex means they aren't over and that I'm just a rebound. Or that they are going to get back together. Help!!! What should I do??[/QUOTE]

I think that being a couple for a month is a short period of time to worry about text messages from his old girlfriend. Has he been doing this the entire month you have been together? Its time to establish some trust encircled into this relationship in order not to build up resentment toward each other. I know its difficult when another girl from his past is still apart of is life, but in order to enrich each other lives the fact reamains, when one doesn't trust the other things can get heated and go downhill quick. I am, however, alittle confused as to why he says he thinks of her alot since there wasn't any closure. Maybe I am just looking out for your well being, but I am doubtful that he is completely over her. You should ask him if he still wants to be with you, or does he still think the other girl is the one for him. Does he have a child with her? I ask this because, of course your child's parent is going to have to keep some sort of contact with the other party. I say this with an open mind to take care of yourself, and proceed with caution about the remarks he is making about his ex girlfriend.

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