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I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I have been divorced 5 years and he seperated 4 years. I have 2 teenage children who basically prefer to do their own thing and my b friend has a daughter aged 12. He sees her every other day. I love my b friend so much but the problem is he says he loves me but can't commit as he had his daughter to think of. We all get along so well and love each other. I just don't know his problem. Some times he won't contact me for a couple of days and he says he is tired or busy but still mentions only now and then that he,loves me. Every time I broach the subject of living together he backs right off and I feel guilty for being too full on. I wear my heart on my sleeve and would do anything for him and his daughter but he does not show emotion he Like's to joke all the time. When we do spend time together we laugh so much but I feel so lonely knowing this is as far as it goes. He won't get divorced as he says its only a piece of paper. He says he doesnt love his wife and she left him for an other woman but they remain good terms for their daughter which I think is great. I tried backing him in to a corner at new year by talking about maybe just looking at a,home for us all and he dumped me for a few months. We got back together as we missed each other but I feel lonely again now. I try to do things when I don't see him and keep busy but I miss the companionship. We r going on holiday for a week soon and I know he,likes playing happy families on holiday and every time I think this will make him want it forever but he doesnt. I feel so sad. Should I walk away after the holiday and find someone who wants me Like I want them? Sometimes I think I would prefer him one,day a week than not at all. Please help.

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