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I am making this a poll. My girlfriend promise to listen to what the majority on HealthBoards votes for.

This guy, let's name him Aztec, is driving me nuts. My gf got accepted to a Pharmacy school in South Carolina. I plan on moving out there for her after I get my situation all figured out in California.

HISTORY: My gf has trouble making male friends because they end up liking her and female friends seem to envy and hate her.

Now back to the story. As you can see, my gf does not have many true friends at all. So she started school by celebrating a white coat ceremony. This is where two campuses (2 hours away from each other) join to celebrate the new class of students. The Aztec guy is from school #1 and she is from school # 2. He noticed her at the ceremony.

Fast forward 1 month later. he found and added my gf on facebook and asked for her number. He texted her over 100 times that day trying to get to know her. In the text he wrote things like "I think you look pretty in your photo with your boyfriend" "You have nice legs" "I don't know how I woke up naked" "If he wasn't your boyfriend I would hit on you" "You are beautiful" "Of all the cool girls I met she has to be on the other campus" and this one here "We should go clubbing together" her response was "Okay I will rent a hotel because I won't drive home drunk" He writes "You can camp in my bed" <
My gf says he is nice to her. She says he sends her study guides and stuff. One day, after they skyped, she tells him.."I have to go and study with my classmate (guy)...he became butthurt and says..."I would drive there right now but not if he's going to be there" (two hours away!) He stops talking to her for a few days until he finds out she broke up with me for one day (facebook status). He starts texting her in a good mood and instead of talking about school he talks about me and the breakup. Next day he finds out we got back and he got butthurt again and text her "I am going to sleep" when he doesn't want to talk or "I will have my phone off because I will study all day". My gf says he never acts like this. When she tells him she is busy, he says "I have this girl who wants to talk to me" or text her "This girl eye raped me" or "This girl cooked breakfast for me" as if he is trying to make him seem speacial and she should be with him? When all my gf talks about is me he sends her a photo of his "gf" (a very cute girl according to my gf). He left his facebook status as single and does not even have a single picture of her on facebook.

I convinced my gf he has feeling for her and for her to avoid him. She didn't like that idea as he was very "nice" to her. Finally she said she will tell him upfront. She ask "Do you see me as a friend. We can only be friends" he says "yes...well i won't lie I have slept with my female friends before" "She said ok, we can't talk with each other anymore" he writes " I figured that much" (does he not sound cocky and a jerk?), After a few days he continues to send her study guides and helpful websites, but stopped the flirts. I told her he is still up to something...she said I think he gets it now.

Later the week (this happened TWICE), her school is technologically innovated. Two campus share professors and use a live screen for lecture. Students can press a button where the camera zooms into the student face and mic gets turned on. Someone press the camera and it zoomed on my girl by accident. Later you see two students (an asian student and Aztec) pressing the camera to ask questions. I think they want her attention. We confirmed that this asian man likes her and she was surprise he was competing for her even though he had a gf. 2 weeks later exact same thing happen. But this time my gf claims the the professor was cute so those two same boys started asking question to get the professor attention, not hers. I believe otherwise. I ask her, "did you pop up on camera again by accident?" she said yes...i said "so you only been on camera twice, and those two same students went on camera after, not before you, twice?" she said yes. I then ask do a lot of people ask questions, she said no. (Am I being paranoid here?)

Then the final thing happen that made me feel deeply direspected and why I am here. He finds out there are two opening over there at his campus and told her she should move there. She said "I have a lease here" He says "Just pay one extra month to break it" She said I have furniture and might take a while to find a new apartment. He says "You can stay over at my place (he has two guy roommates i dont think he asked for permission). She thought he was being considerate. Then she said can you find me a 1 bedroom apartment. He later found her a 2 bedroom apartment (anyone seeing where this is going? Am I paranoid or right 100% about this guy from the start? Is it that hard to find 1 bedroom apartment?)

1. Is he being a real friend or fake to get with her?
2. Does he still like her or not?
3. Will he ever stop or not?
4. Is his kindness true or for other intentions?
5. Is he disrespecting the boyfriend or not?
6. What is the best solution? She avoid him completely or not?
7. Is avoiding him cruel or not?
8. Does he sound like a jerk or not?
9. Am I thinking too much into this?

Thanks for your time!

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