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[QUOTE=Kszan;5034709]Can't add much more to what's been said already. Your gut feeling about this guy is right on so don't let her flake about it. Either she tells this guy she is 100% not available for gf material or else they can't be friends. End of story.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for all inputs. Our story goes way back to high school and gets very complicated. I have made a horrible mistake in the past 7 years ago and she is giving me a second chance and I have been very good to her in many ways and she knows it. My girlfriend loves me and I love her just as much back. But there are slight trust issues she is having with me and I am working my butt off to prove to her I will never repeat the past again. The trust is being built back one brick at a time and I fear Aztec is sneaking his way in to demolish my wall of bricks. That's the only problem I have now and I am here to ask if that is true because my girlfriend thinks otherwise.

I truly believe he is waiting an opening or initiating a plan (especially with the moving school advice) and I don't like the fact he's pretending to be a friend to get close to her. He does have a girlfriend and I think that says a lot about his character. She told him once before that friends won't work. I don't understand why he is back AGAIN and now wants her to go through the trouble of moving to a new campus and said things like "you can sleep here" or "I found you a two bedroom apartment"

My girlfriend needs to know if this guy is a real friend or not. Can anyone confirm this?

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