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[QUOTE=CadenceA;5034753]I still believe that if your relationship is strong and she truly loves you, it wouldn't matter if he showed up with 10,000 red roses, a new car and promised her the world, she wouldn't be interested. It really doesn't matter if he's trying to get with her if she tells him NO. And if he keeps trying after she tells him to stop, he's kind of pathetic.

Do you trust her to say no to any advances from him (romantic or sexual)? If you do trust her, then again, what he does or doesn't do won't matter because it won't work with her. It all depends on your level of trust of her, not whether or not she trusts you.[/QUOTE]

I trust my girl. I love her for her honesty and if she says she won't then she won't. I don't understand why I am worried so much. It is possible that because she is giving me a second chance I don't ever want to screw up so I work too hard to build that trust and it feels Aztec is manipulating my girlfriend to ruin my last and only chance to make things right? It sucks to know I am here in California and she is over there. It's bad enough he's two hours away, but his stupid idea to move her even closer to him tells me this guy will do anything to get her at all cost even if he has to lie or deceive. I really do feel like that.
Wow, I can't believe this guy. Ok, for starters I can relate 100% to your gf. No guy could ever just be my friend. They always gotta start liking me despite the fact they know I'm married AND have 4 kids. And it's always caused problems in my friendships with females so I completely know how your gf feels. With that being said, I know when a guy likes me and if he's hitting on me. I don't know how your gf can keep denying it and saying "he's just nice". No sorry, you're NOT being paranoid and I for one think you're right about this, since day one. I agree with the first poster, btw, you need to find out if she likes this guy or not. And he says "if you didn't have a bf I would hit on you." That right there was him hitting on her, and not just that line but many other lines he's thrown at her. How come she doesn't see that?? I'm sure she does but either she loves the attention, likes seeing you jealous and upset or likes him too.

1. Is he being a real friend or fake to get with her? He's not a real friend. He simply wants your gf.

2. Does he still like her or not? Yes he does. That's a no-brainer.

3. Will he ever stop or not? I don't think so and if he does it's only because he moved on to some other pretty girl. But chances are he's going to like your gf for quite a while until she gives in. Hopefully she doesn't.

4. Is his kindness true or for other intentions? Other intentions. He sounds like a jerk. A huge flirt.

5. Is he disrespecting the boyfriend or not? Of course he's disrespecting you and he's getting his friend (the Asian kid) to disrespect you too, which actually shows lack of respect for your gf btw. They probably talk about her behind her back and she's only making herself look bad by dealing with these idiots. They don't like her the same way YOU do, where there's feelings and REAL attraction involved. They just like her because they like how she looks and they probably wanna sleep with her.

6. What is the best solution? She avoid him completely or not? She should avoid him but if she chooses not to then you know what? You should avoid HER. Straight to the point, because she's disrespecting you. If she wants him then let her go to him. If she wants you then she should prove it.

7. Is avoiding him cruel or not? No, I don't think so. He's so disrespectful. Listen, I've had guys do to me AND my husband what this *** is doing to you and your gf. Flirting with me, even went as far as to send me naked pictures. It also shows these guys didn't respect me either. When a guy likes a girl he doesn't act like that. He's treating your gf as if she's fast and easy.

8. Does he sound like a jerk or not? Completely but I think we've established that.

9. Am I thinking too much into this? No you are not and if anyone says you are is crazy. I'm sorry but you have every right to feel the way you do. Your gf needs to open her eyes. And I know she's going to read these responses so I want to tell her something:

Please don't let this guy ruin your relationship with your bf. If you really want your bf and ONLY your bf, then you gotta let this guy go. He's trying to move in on you and that's disrespectful. He's also showing lack of respect for you as well whether you see it that way or not. He talks to you in very inappropriate ways. He treats you the way a guy would treat a girl who he believes would sleep with him. And when a guy believes a girl will sleep with him, it's simply because he has a bad image of her. I am not saying you caused this image because I go through the same crap you go through. I am just saying the longer you let him in your life, the more he's going to keep doing this to you. Now, unless you're interested in him, you gotta cut him loose. Just words of advice.

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