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What is a healthy amount of time to spead with friends outside of your relationship with a significant other? I know it may differ for everyone I am just looking to see what the general concensus is.

Some background. We live together and we have been together for a year and a half. We are over 30.

The one issue I have (and it doesn't mean my bf shouldn't) is that his best friend is his ex-brother in-law (his best friend is married to his ex-wifes sister). His ex-wife goes over to his best friend's house while he is there. I find this uncomfortble. Until a year ago she was asking my boyfriend for hugs and just texting him to talk...I asked him to stop the physical contact. Which he did. I just think it's weird to for him to go over there and spend time watching tv, going in the pool etc with his ex-wife being there but I can't be.

So maybe it's not about time with friend as much as it is who this friend is.

Any input would be appreciated.
Hi Seraph,

Thank you for the reply.

I have gone with him, and she has only been there once when I was there. But there are times he wants to go alone, which I probably wouldn't feel any concern over except over his ex-wife.

To make it even more odd, my bf lived there for a year when he left a past relationship and his ex-wife always used to be over. Then he got his own apartment and a few years later she moved in with the ex-brother in law and her sister and my bf hung out there, because he is best friends with the ex-brother in law and his ex wife was there every day. He used to go there 5 times a week or more. Even worked out in the basement and she used to sit and talk with him when he did.

I just can't understand it's ok to go there and hang with his friend and sit there with his ex-wife, but he doesn't want me there sometimes but it doesn't bother him she is there? Does that make sense?

Outside of this concern, with other friends, is 1x a week alot, normal?

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