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Guys look at porn. Simple as that. It's a guy thing. Google around, and you'll see that TONS of men, young and old, fat and skinny, in shape/out of shape, religious, non-religious, educated, uneducated, gainfully employed and unemployed... well, you get the picture. Guys like looking at naked and half-naked women, and LOTS of 'em have been doing it for years! I used to get upset with an old boyfriend when I found his "porn box" moved around under his bed. I was much younger then, and not very confident in myself, my looks, nor my sexuality.

Since then, I've come to realize that I could be the hottest female on the planet, and my guy could very well still be looking at "dirty" pictures/videos of other women. Not because he's not attracted to me, or because he doesn't care about me. It's because he's a man. They don't all do it, but it is a really normal, common thing to do. Like masturbating. Be confident in yourself, especially if you two have an otherwise great relationship and sex life.

The thing I'd be bothered by is the fact that your/his family, etc can see some of the more scandalous "Likes", if they're truly that bad. Depending on your age bracket, demographic, and religious/professional ties, that could be in very bad taste, and quite possibly a reflection on his respect for you, as well as himself. If we're talking about a guy "Liking" a hot, topless Victoria Secret-esque model in front of his guy pals, I wouldn't worry. But if your mother is on there, and apt to see and care, then, perhaps, he should give his head a shake. It's not about dirty pictures and porn, it's about respecting the other people in your life.

Really hope you work it out :)

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