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Hii I feel bad for posting this but I dont know what else to do! I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend but we've been together for almost 4 years, we see each from time to time but I didnt see him at all this year which is kinda partially why I'm so angry buuuut recently or well since the beginning of the year Ive been constantly angry!

Everything he does makes me wanna rage at him >< I feel like he isnt capable of doing anything right, and if he does he has to screw it up right after :nono: for example he drinks on occasions but since I dont like it I asked him to stop and all that and eventually from what he says he stopped for like 6 months, and recently he's been having some problems so I try to help him and nothing worked so eventually I convinced him to start praying and just for him to be closer to god and to be a good person and the next day he tells me he had a good day and things are getting better, then the day after GUESS what he does.. he decides to go out and drink with his friends -_- how am I NOT supposed to get mad?! Like what caused him to do that and when I ask he says its a slip up he doesnt know why he did it! He had every reason nooot to do it but maybe 1 reason to actually do it because his friend convinced him because "he didnt think it was a big deal" I know its just once but cant he keep that simple promise? And after this HUGE fight we "calmed down" a bit and clearly when you get into a fight with someone you try to do things right atleast in the beginning to avoid more arguments, but no instead we barely talk all day because he has tutoring and I miss him but when he gets back home I dunno why Im annoyed and he told me he wants to play a game with his friends, ahh it pisses me off because they never invite me to play either! I annoy myself before it actually happens because its like im trying to prepare myself for something, but I end up believing it! He means well I mean he does try to make me feel happy, he TRIES to do the right thing but he screws it up a lot, is it because I set high expectations or is there something wrong with me?

I'm sorry for the long long rant but I dont really have anyone else to talk to since I dont want to give my parents the wrong idea about him and Ive been quiet for a while so it feels like I have A LOT to say!

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