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[QUOTE=Belly Kelly;5042656]5 months is a decent amount of time to be dating. I can't tell if you have actually had sex with this guy yet, but if you haven't, and he is still around, I would say he does like you.

Now, does he go out of his way to be romantic and take you on nice dates, or are you just hanging out in cars and the mall? I mean, can't the two of you go away for the weekend or something so you can get to know one another on a more intimate level?[/QUOTE]

We are sexually active - and we have been the whole time. A couple of months back, I brought up that he's not exactly romantic and he went out of his way to do something that was uncharacteristically romantic of him. And we do go out to dinner - if we're hungry and we're gonna be hanging out soon that is. We're both very comfortable with each other to the point where "taking me out" seems a little weird. He does insist on paying though.

We both work pretty much 7 days of the week (even though we work our own hours), so going away for a weekend is not an option. So work, combined with the lack of privacy is really beginning to affect us in getting to know each other on an intimate level... anyway, I brought this up to him, and he said the reason he's all over me even in public is because we don't do it often enough, and not because he's into me just for sex..... Anyway, we've decided to go on an abstinence stint and do more activities together.... not exactly sure if that's a good idea or a really bad one (the abstinence, that is). Let's see how this goes and if it does anything for the relationship.

Although, is it normal for the relationship to keep moving forward without hanging out in a home-like setting? I'm not sure why that is so important to me.... I sort of want to get to know him on that level - and I feel like at 5 months, we should not still be hanging out in cars and malls. But too bad we don't have a place to do that.... any suggestions?? We've considered renting motels on occasion, but eh... even though we've talked about it and I've even brought it up a couple of times, I haven't been able to bring myself to actually do it. You don't realize how hard it is to find privacy unless you don't have any!

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