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Ok not sure how to write this but i will do my best.
My boyfriend of almost 4 yrs had me meet his friends and she invited us over to her house for dinner with 2 other adults and 2 small kids.everything was fine till she decided to go put on a night gown and was tossing all over this chair not careing if she showed her *** in front of my boyfriend and of course he was watching her. I knew right then and there that she was so disrespectfull to her company and I felt deep in side me that i didnt really care for her at all.but i told my boyfriend how i felt about the whole ordeal and he said that is ann. ok well when i noticed everytime she and john comes over is when im not around Im at work and i just had a gut feeling there was alot more going i had a talk with my boyfriend and he assured me the ann was nothing to look at and her husband likes it when other men wants his wife well right then and there i knew yep my gut feeling is kicking in gear.. well one day i was cleaning out my boyfriends car and found condoms and i confronted him and he said he was single at one time so i let it go..then another time he asked me to get the map out of the car so i did what you know another box of condom fell out and i know for fact it wasnt there before in fact he was really late coming home one morning with a lg cup of coffee from mcdonalds i knew then that is when he got them so my gut feeling was telling me to be alert so 1 day i turned on my recorder before i went to work one night and the whole time while at work i had this really bad feeling so i called him and he never answered my calls till late that night well he told me he was outside talking to ann and john well i felt he was lying to me again.. so when i got home i listened to the recorder and sure enough they had a 3some and when it got to the part when he called they was still there and he lied to me the whole time....when i called him that was when they were doing it..I was SO MAD and FUMING so i called him at work and asked him if he had sex with ann and john and he went on the defensive mode and said HELL No where did that come from etc. he assured me again that no he would never do anything to hurt me and that i dont deserve that. well i didnt tell him that i got them on recording but it is eating me alive knowing that he is lying to me when we both had agreement to be honest and work together and communicate together.. well the other night john calls and wants him to go there and pick up his antenna he let them borrow well my feelings kicked in high geer again and i asked him why does this have to be when im not around he said cause he knows how i feel about ann and has respect for me. well i told him why cant they come over/go there when im off work. well he said he doesnt want ann and i to hate eachother cause she will tell me how it is and that ann said to him how can i justify there friendship and my boyfriend said he will no longer be friends with them cause he want our relationship but deep down he will continue to go behind my back...well i just found out he and ann gets together without her husband too. so i am just so angry with myself cause he is lying and cheating on me...but we have a 2 week vacation coming up in september and he want to get our relationship back on track and wants his (My name) Back.
I want to trust him on his word but he hasnt proved it to me he can be trusted yet..

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