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First off, she came over last night and she reemed my neck because I'm 17 living with her 20 year old son, who has his own condo, and we've been living together for a Long time now. She went on to tell him how disappointing and frustrating he is to her, because he didn't tell her that I am living with him, (As If It'S Her Business.) She also attacked my parents because she thinks I am a child. I'll be 18 in a month, :/
She than went on to say "I don't agree with you guys." because I'm living here, (As If I Need Her Approval.)
And than went on to say a bunch of crap about me, even though I did Nothing to her. I've been keeping to myself like a good little person and not starting anything.
My boyfriend is starting a business, and she is totally unsupportive. She had no interest in hearing him out, nor did she want to even give him a chance to talk about it. Yet he swears she's supportive. I disagree. :/
She was acting conceited all night, didn't care that she was being Completely rude by coming into Our House and telling me pretty much that I'm a bad person for being here. She than went on to crab about my boyfriend's aunt, who hates her. Gee. I Wonder Why.
She's such a hypocrite. She cheated on her husband, than moved in with some joke 2 months later. Yet my boyfriend and I being together and moving in 6 months was out of the question? Its Not Her Life.
Now she wants me to come over more for dinner and I'm like. 'hahahahahahahahah No.'
I don't know. I'm so angry I can't sleep and my boyfriend won't stand up for me. He just takes her crap and than feels like a waste of space and a failure. It's sickening. He's not a failure. She Is.
All of this is really getting to me and I can't sleep..
I love my boyfriend and we have plans for a future but I don't want her in my life, and will do anything to avoid her.

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