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me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years and hes made some friends at work. but its causing arguments as he wont let me ever met them and i cant understand why. weve talked and argued over it to many times its even nearly come to the point we were going to break up. he always says "you just dont like me having friends" i feel like im at school again fighting over who can play with who. I always invite him to join in with my friends and he always comes wherever we go but he wont do the same for me with his friends. i dont think its a nice thing that he keeps saying stuff like that to me and not letting me at least meet them once. so i feel like they are a bad influence on him. im so fed up with fighting over. he always txts them too and deletes there messages and is very secrative about it all. i love him to bits but he makes me feel paranoid by it and makes the arguing 10x worse. why do you think he does it? do you think it will ever change?

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