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[QUOTE=pinkrose12;5049721]Your boyfriend does NOT sound like a grown man that truly loves a woman, namely you. You say he is not abusive but he mostly certainly is abusive given the way he talks to you when ask for help and has anger fits that scare you when things don't go his way. You Did not mention one thing that sounded like this man really cares about you. If he did would treat you with kindness and respect consistently particularly when you cry. You say you are afraid if you cry more he will essentially leave you. This creates stress and anxiety for you which leads to you walking on emotional eggshells. Another sign of emotional abuse. Rather your boyfriend sounds self-centered and very immature on in addition to being abusive. Given this, care enough about yourself and walk away now before it gets worse and it WILL get worse.[/QUOTE]

Personally, reading your post, I feel that you both need some growing up to do. When I was your age, I was like you: I didn't know how to handle frustration and stress and ended up crying over the dumbest things. Sure, we all show our emotions and deal with stress differently, but there comes a time where we all have to suck it up and work through things without crying. In a mature relationship, you have to show the other person that you can handle obstacles in your life without crying or breaking down or constantly asking someone for help/assistance - no one wants that, not even you. People become attracted to resiliency. YOU will be attracted to your own resiliency. It makes you more confident and, therefore, more mature. Believe me. I've been there.

That being said, whomever you're with should never belittle you or make you feel that you're not able to do things on your own. From what you have written, yeah, maybe he doesn't have abusive tendencies - YET. Kicking radiators over a mistake on a passport? People don't regularly do that. That is NOT acceptable. Snapping at you for asking him an innocent question? That is NOT acceptable. I never believed that my ex would hurt me; I saw him being physically aggressive with inanimate objects, but told myself that he would never touch me. In the end, he pushed me numerous times when he was drunk and one time told me he would stab me. I told myself that he was drunk and didn't mean it. But, you know what? WHY was I putting myself through that? In your case, it hasn't gotten worse, BUT IT COULD and I bet it will. People like your boyfriend and my ex can't handle their own stress and will, in the end, take it out on things or PEOPLE that are around them. Maybe he's not physically abusing you, but he is verbally abusing you.
That being said, who knows - maybe he won't hurt you, but do you want to stick around and find out?

From what I'm reading, the person he is can't be with the person YOU ARE. You personalities are not fitting. It's like a puzzle. You see a piece that could fit: it's sort of the same colour, the edges look as though they might fit, and you're trying to bash it together, determined to make it fit. But it doesn't fit; try as you might, it's NOT the right piece.

I can't make up your mind for you, but I can sit back and look at this objectively. I hope you reflect on what I have said and make a decision. Only you will really know what the best decision is for yourself. You will learn from experience and I hope that your choice will be the best one for you.

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