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Basically my boyfriend and I have been together for five and a half years and we have been through a lot of trust issues like him texting and private messaging other girls. So recently we had space for a month cause our relationship wasn't working and now we are back together and it's that happiest we hav ever been together. But I found out e still messages girls on social network sites and one girl from America was even claiming to be seeing him an seems besotted with him. Now my boyfriend and I live in the Uk and I know for a fact he's not cheating with this girl but he's obv sent messages to lead her on in someway and sometimes I think the emotional acts of someone hurts more than the psychical acts. So I got messages for this girl and her friend claiming that he was with her and now I feel hurt, and upset and silly.
I love my boyfriend and want it to work and I know that it's just internet silliness but it's hurt me and made me paranoid and have trust issues and I need help and advice from an outside perspective. Please help me xxx

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