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Please help
Sep 9, 2012
Hi, I need severe advice! I have been dating my bestfriend and best guy I have ever met in my life for about a year now. Everything between us couldn't be better except I have an issue with his children and I'm so lost at how to address this to him. They are very disrectful and run completely over him and they try running over me as well. I have a 14,7 and 6 year old and his are 8 and 6. If mine did have the stuff his does, I would tear their bottoms up. H e strickly believes in no discipline. He feels like he can always talk the situation out and he doesn't realize it but he is failing miserably and all it is doing is making the situation worse. I will give you a few examples. I took all the kids to mcdonalds strickly for icecream and nothing else. My boyfriend went too. Once all the ice creams were fixed and we were passing them out his children decided they didn't want icecream and he asked the cashier to upgrade to a sundae. While his kids ate and had sundaes, my children had icecream like we had originally planned. That hurt my feelings, but that's him, he cannot tell them no. Also, another ocassion, we dont live together but we try to spend a day during the weekend together. I will babysit his children while he is at work, then he can come here after work and we can spend time watching movies or whatever...well once the kids have played all day and there is nothing left to they want to go home when it is bedtime, and he has given in to them, and it left me without spending time with him. Then, this weekend, he cooked a good supper and they refused to eat and and wanted mcdonalds!!! While me and my boyfriend were on the couch his 8 year old came over and hugged his father but at the same time he pinched me twice! All my boyfriend said was for him not to pinch me...he clearly knew what he was doing. I dont understand why he will not discipline them and he is letting them walk all over him. I know kids will be kids but this is out of control and rediculous. I dont know the right way to talk to him about this matter. I feel like I can no longer babysit his children because they just won't mind and they cause so much drama. I love his kids and him but I am sooo long as what to do please help!!!

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