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Jasmine, I totally understand your frustration with how your husband will notice everyone but you. My bf does that same exact thing!! He will comment on things people wear or how they look. He also comments on cute kids and babies. I also don't get why if they do that, they can't also comment on people that care about them. At least your husband called you beautiful! I think my bf has called me beautiful ONCE and it was when I was getting ready for bed and I text him that I needed to go to bed to get my beauty sleep and he said, "Ok, but I think you are already beautiful enough". That made me feel really good, but that was the one time he ever called me beautiful. I am kind of hung up on my opinion about this bf should not be the one who is responsible to boost my self-esteem, that is MY job, but being called beautiful or having him point out that I look nice once in awhile NEVER hurts. At the very least my bf says he at least thinks that I look nice. Still...I can't get over the hurt about how he responded when I told him I loved him.

Last night was a mess. A total and utter mess. I was crying and complaining all night and all he was, was stressed. It seems he can't and doesn't want to deal with emotions or when I am upset. He always seems to say the wrong thing. He says something "nice", but it is coupled with a caveat, like "But, I would get over it, if you didn't want to be with me". He also admitted that he has been super annoyed lately about things I do. He is annoyed to the point of anger that I keep the air conditioner running, that I like the fan on at night because I am hot (but he is freezing), that I buy gossip mags and they are just a waste of money, that I am too into Facebook and get annoyed when his ex posts on his wall (more about that later), that I leave a tea pot that I never use on the stove top and it's in the way of his cooking, that he always has to cook and I don't, that I use too much TP and other products. He says we have fundamental different opinions on things. He said that all of these annoyances probably affect the way he feels about me. Is that fair at all?? ALL of these things do not represent who I am at all, they are things I do, that if you are upset about it, we can talk about it and fix it! I don't like how he leaves his clothes all over the bedroom or how he never does any of the housework (except taking out the trash and making dinner). I also don't like how he hogs the bed and then accuses me of doing it. HOWEVER, all of these things do not make me irate. In fact, many times I make jokes about them and am sometimes amused by them. He said that he is always angry about most things in life and that is just how he is. I feel like if this is how he feels, he will never figure out if his feelings for me are love.

I also CANNOT get over the fact that he told other girls he loved them. Why am I the one he is hesitant about?? His ex (the one he was really serious with) tries to get in contact with him via Facebook and I made a FOOL out of myself last night by getting really upset about it. I even asked him to ask her to stop. He said he doesn't care about Facebook (he really doesn't, but he is too technologically behind to figure out how to delete it). He said that he did not condone her writing what she did and that he didn't approve it and didn't even know about it. He said I can tell her to stop all I want, but let's see how that makes me look. I apologized for blowing up about it. However, I don't get why this woman continues to try to contact him this way, when he NEVER answers her. Is she trying to prove something or am I just incredibly insecure right now and I am taking it all too personally? UGH, I am such a mess right now.

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