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Girlfriend trouble
Sep 14, 2012
I've been dating my girlfriend for 6 months now and the relationship has been fine so far a few problems along the way but nothing we couldn't work through and now a couple days ago she went to Virginia for her stepmother b-day (her father was abisive and i don't trust him) it was supposed to be just for a day or two but now she has been there for almost a week i finally got her to give me a day that she will be back but she has not told her father yet and can't get hold of him because he is away at work i work from 6pm to 6am barely get time to talk to her and can't get her to understand y in so worried because the whole thing was a setup her aunt came to pick her up (because her aunt also lives in new jersey) and she was supposed to go to the party aswell but after dropping off my girlfriend the aunt left back for new jersey not even staying for the party leaving my girlfriend to wait for a ride from her father now she sees what in telling her when i point out the setup to get her down there for a while but she doesn't seem upset about it intact she now wants to move to Virginia after i just got a job (after being layed off for 2 months) i am at a loss any one have any advice on how to approach her on the situation and what's going on to where she will understand i can't get any sleep for worrying about her
Ok quick update
first off sorry about the way the previous post was written i was on my phone and im an emotional wreck (still am) but now she is supposed to be back in two days and in starting to question her honesty with me and the past six months we were together and if she really loved me or not she barely calls me and can't follow through with anything she has said she would since going to Virginia for example last night we were both supposed to talk to her father me being on speaker phone but when her father got home she refused to talk to him about coming back up on Monday or US moving down there after she promised me she would. In worried in losing the woman i love but i may have already lost her in just trying to see if maybe she is just looking for some time to herself or if she just doesn't know how to tell me she doesn't want to be with me anymore or if in just over reacting any advice?

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