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Communication has improved i talked to her father though and from what she told me about what he said i told him he was twisting words to make me sound bad and he is trying to keep her down there he is ex marine and a master at manipulation i know this and he almost got me with it this that's how good he is also my gf is niece so now he had get doubting her want to ever come back ( not leave me) but wait for me to save the money over the next 2-3 months till i can move down there which idt our relationship will make it that long with her being that far away and me not being able to see her the physical pair it is causing my heart already i can't take much more so in fighting with her father through her and in getting worn out fast and she doesn't See this because he is manipulating her so well she honestly believes that thru decision to stay and not cone back with me is completely her own so in now at a loss i fix one problem and i run into a new one if she tells me she wants yo stay then in going to tell her that i cannot stay in a relationship with her under those circumstances other guys tryin to steal her i can deal with because she loves me to Mich for that yo be a problem but hoe can i compete with her father who by being with him it fill a "void" in her heart that had been empty and hurting all her life?

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