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[QUOTE=injusticed;5058059]Somebody help me figure out why I or what I have to offer is never what someone else is "looking for"? Everyone around me has had [b]something[/b] but I've had NOTHING.

I'm not even picky!!![/QUOTE]


I read these two posts then went back and read your other threads. It seems you do want to have a girlfriend, but you don't act friendly even to people here that at least cared enough to read your posts and respond to you. I'm sure you think you hide it, but the attitude you chose here is 'bitchy'. Now you might think it's normal to be bitchy when you are in your early 20s because you haven't had a girlfriend, but it isn't. It is just bitchy.

One thing I have learned is no matter how far we think we stuff it down, others can see bitchiness and bad attitude a mile away. Even the bad boys don't get girls if they have a bad attitude. IT seems that you want to tell people your opinion, but don't want to respectfully give them time to get to know you. If they don't respond the way you want you push them away or walk away. Is this what you do?

If you genuinely are just frustrated and don't mean to be bitchy, then why act out toward people you never met that genuinely are trying to help you figure this out. We can't know what you mean or want in a few written words. YOU have to be willing to open up, soften, let others see who you are inside.

I didn't, and most people do not have a mate by their early 20's. They went through many tragic and unnecessary heart breaks till they met someone that will stand by them, or they find someone later in life. I know gorgeous ladies that never had a boyfriend, some that never had a date, and the same goes for guys. Few people meet some one at an early age, click together and then stay together throughout life.

I think it would help if you first decide whether anyone in the whole world OWES you a relationship. It seems like you think you are owed that because of your user name, injusticed. No one 'deserves' a date or a mate. That is a gift that the other person has a choice to give or not give.

You see, we do need to have a right attitude about other people. Smart people can detect who we are. Smart people get to know others in safe places before they agree to go out with them. They want to see if we are self-centered and think someone owes us or if we genuinely want to get to know them and truly like them. No one wants to feel like a piece of flesh. No one wants someone to control them. Worthwhile ladies do not want to be controlled.

There is NOTHING you can do to 'make' a self-respecting person want to be with you.

But there is something you can do for yourself that will make YOU more attractive.

And that is to stop being angry, get some hobbies, be involved with learning how to care what others have to say and what they want for themselves...and allow people to see your new heart that isn't embittered because you can't have your own way with others.

I think you just don't get it that relationships are not trick & treat. They are earned, and even if we earn them they can be easily lost. Develop your skills, go to work, develop what you have to offer and concentrate on bettering yourself.

Our selves are all we have to work with.

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